King Alfred


In defence of Holy England









Anglo Saxon Anglicans affirms the orthodox Christian faith as understood by traditional Anglicanism; One God, eternal essence and uncreated energies in the unity of the undivided Holy Trinity. 




We believe that the Church Spiritual is the body of Christ and that, whilst all Christians are united in being part of this mystical body, there is a deliberate diversity in its expression in this material world. This should be recognised and celebrated.










We believe that God the Father is head of the Trinity, neither begotten nor made and exists both within and beyond all created matter. God the Son is begotten of the Father, but of the same essence and is the mind or speech (Logos) of God. We believe that the Logos was born into our world and lived amongst us as Jesus of Nazareth, fully man and fully God. We believe that he taught the true, unchanging Word of God and that he died on the Cross to evermore take the place of the sacrificial lamb to cleanse us of sin and prepare us for perfection in heaven. As the Word of God, we also call Jesus the ‘Christ’ or Christos, the ‘Anointed One’, King of Kings, who brought God’s message to us and is our Lord, King and Redeemer. Furthermore, we believe that the Word of God remains with us to this day and can be heard gently speaking to us if we listen hard enough. As Christ ascended into heaven, God’s holy Spirit, the comforter, came amongst us and remains with us to this day.



We believe that God’s message lies in the holy scriptures, the holy traditions of the early apostles and saints and in reason based on our experience of the natural world; but chiefly in the scriptures. We encourage traditional Christian values and traditional forms of worship, especially using the King James Bible, the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and traditional hymns, psalms and introits.



Whilst we proclaim and teach the Christian faith, we are not fundamentalist and we prefer to ‘live’ as English Christians than spend endless hours debating the finer points of scripture. We also see God’s work and spirit in the natural world around us and also speak to us in our ancient mythology and traditions. Whilst we uphold the traditional ‘orthodox’ faith, we do not seek to exclude people on the basis they do not accept every detail of it. Instead, we seek to encourage all of our people to engage in Christian activities as part of our cultural as well as spiritual life and in this way we hope to draw them into a closer relationship with the faith. 



ASA teaches that humankind is made in the spiritual image of God and is called into union with Him through His divine energies. However, within the unity of the Body of Christ, there is great diversity. This diversity is a deliberate part of creation and should be celebrated rather than destroyed. We encourage our folk to marry within our own community, or at least with those very closely related to us such as the Celtic and other indigenous peoples of North western Europe.



Families are the bedrock of community.  We support strong families, made up of a man and a woman who come together to raise children. This traditional pattern of human life is a reflection of creation itself and any other lifestyle choice falls short of this ideal. As such, we do not believe that priests should remain unmarried. We assert that promiscuous lifestyles are sinful and anti-family. Whilst we believe that abortion may be acceptable in extreme cases, such as to save the life of the mother or in the case of rape, abortion is not condoned – especially when it is used as a form of birth control. 




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