Prayers For The Nation






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Almighty and everliving God

Deliver us, Thy people of England

From the hands of our Enemies

Protect us from their malice towards us

And their schemes against us

And grant us the strength to prevail over them to glorify thee

Who art the giver of all victory

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.




Almighty God, Lord of the Nations

Grant us a fruitful posterity

That we will be a people of eternal spring

Secure within the boundaries of our lands

And that our children, and their children’s children

Will be of one blood and hue

United over time with us and our forebears

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.




O Lord,

We pray for our homeland, Holy England

And for our people, the English

That we may flourish; mighty and free

Within this land, granted by thee

That our lands remain fertile and productive

Our cities clean and safe

We pray for those who defend our shores

And that our borders are kept secure

We pray for those who govern over us

That they will do so wisely and justly in the interests of the nation

We ask this in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.