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England has more than its fair share of myths and legends, many rooted in real history or ancient beliefs and customs.  Unfortunately, few of these are known by the majority of English people and it is hoped that this part of the site will help to address this. 













Mythology often goes back to before Christian times in our country and tells us how our ancestors viewed the world.  It can also explain how certain Christian ideas were fused with our pre-Christian religion and customs to create a unique form of Germanic Christianity.  Mythology can also be used to express important religious ideas as the mythical stories themselves are allegories that seek to explain deeper truths that can be just as relevant to us today as they were to our ancestors.  Folklore is the acquired wisdom and experience of a people, often expressed in a way that the deeper meaning is hidden under a veneer of stories and customs.  Mythology and folklore form the basis of culture and it is important for a people to connect with this part of their heritage if they are to re-connect to their identity.




The White Dragon                                                                                                                   


The Tale Of Scyld Scefing


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The Green Man


The Grim Reaper