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National and local cuisine is a significant part of identity. Most people in England, nowadays, eat a wide variety of food styles from around the world and this is pushed as a way of reinforcing multiculturalism. This in itself is not a bad thing, but unfortunately many of our traditional recipes, some very good, have been forgotten.





There is no doubt that this disconnect with our traditional cuisine is part of a wider loss of identity. Many people no longer understand where their food comes from, how it is reared or grown or how it is cultivated and processed. The link between our food supply and our native land in which it is grown is much weaker than before and most people no longer follow their motherís ad grandmotherís recipes, but rather than of celebrity chefs and magazines.††





This section of the website therefore aims to redress this by presenting some of the traditional cuisine of England. It is not a collection of recipes as such and it is not meant to be exhaustive. Instead it aims to showcase some of our typical dishes and hopes that people will remember long forgotten meals and try them again or simply experiment with our national cuisine.





The English Breakfast








The Roasts




Chops & Steaks




Boiled Meats




Stews and Casseroles




Savoury Pies & Pastries
















Other Great Dishes




Sweet Pies & Puddings












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