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This section of the site is devoted to developing a variety of prayers and meditations which it is hoped can be used in personal and collective contemplation and worship. It is very much a work in progress!




The Lord’s Prayer in Anglo Saxon & Modern English


Prayers for the Nation


Prayers for Mealtimes


Prayers for Meetings & Gatherings












This is often over played by modern liberal Christians to the extent that many non-Christians perceive it as a religion of weakness. This is not true, especially of the Saxon influenced Christianity that formed the basis of traditional English Christianity ‘Might is Right’ is no basis for a decent society. ‘Right is Might’ is the Christian response. Dealing with issues in a peaceful, civilised manner whenever possible. But traditional Christianity does not say bow down and let them kill you and enslave your family. The concept of the ‘Just War’ came out of the Christian notion that sometimes you have no choice but to resort to physical violence, but that there should be a good reason for this and that the force used is not overly excessive in terms of what is needed to achieve the goals.



Christians may not always have dealt with enemies in full accord with Christian teachings. But that is the fault of human frailty not the Christian teaching - which is intended to curb the excesses of what humans all too  obviously can do to each other.



Turning The Other Cheek


Who Is My Neighbour?